Actually the comic goes on to explain why “cultural appropriation” isn’t always the evil thing we think it is.

At first Aang has the perspective a lot of us have when we see something “appropriated” from another nation:


We think they’re making a joke out of that culture, stealing what makes them special and using it for themselves. What gives them the right?

image Aang had always wanted unity in the world before, but his gut reaction to people copying his nation’s cultural identity was similar to that of a lot of real life people: “THIS tradition belongs to MY people. They’re separate, and they’re not yours.”


Even when its shown that the wannabe airbenders really are passionate and respectful of his culture and are just too ignorant to know how to be properly part of it, Aang still doesnt want anything to do with them.


Aang’s nationality has been an important part of how he sees himself since the day he was born. And now it seems like these random outsiders want to opt in and *decide* they’re one of his people too.

They werent born into the culture like he was. They were initially presented as a fanclub, trying to jump on the airbender fad now that one was famous and important. Its understandable that Aang would react badly to them at first.

But then…





Your culture isn’t a static thing that anyone can just “steal” or “appropriate”.

Culture is an ever-changing way of life that is always being added to, with new traditions and stories and beliefs and yes, even new people. Actually, especially new people, whether they are born into it or join later on.

[Images courtesy of the amazing comic “Avatar: The Promise” by Gene Yang, Bryan Konietzko and all the others in the Avatar team!]







This is what pisses me off about Tumblr. You all say you’re so accepting and you don’t want to offend anyone, but then thousands of people reblog something like this because Christians aren’t the minority. You wouldn’t want to offend a Muslim, and if this were offensive to them or another minority, there’d be so many comments about it. But everyone is completely fine with offending a non minority. “You’re not oppressed, you can’t talk!” You know what? I’m a Christian and this offends me and my faith, but nobody’s going to care about that because I’m not oppressed. Tumblr is hypocritical and that needs to stop.

Amen to the comment

Oh my precious lambs:

Examine why you are being offended. Because this is literally how a sunset works. There is not room for debate on this question. There is less room for debate on this than there is on just about any other thing. We are not reblogging because Christians aren’t the minority, dear ones. We are reblogging because after the debate a few days ago, creationists were given the opportunity to pose a question for non-creationists. One of these questions was:

"How can you explain a sunset if their is no god?" (sp.)

Questions, we assume, are posed so that someone might answer them. And yes, there is an answer of how exactly one can explain a sunset given the absence of a divine force. Now, you can certainly posit that God is the creator of all things and so all things came from him including the sun and light refraction and anthrax and kittens and famine and all that jazz.

But you don’t get to deny that THIS IS HOW A SUNSET WORKS, and of the necessary elements of this equation (Sun + Atmosphere + Angle = Sunset), God is not one of them. That’s because everything else is an observable phenomenon, and God is not. You can explain a sunset without God. You can go ahead and believe that God’s part of it all. That’s cool. Lots of people believe stuff like that, and I encourage you to delve into the ways that people make science and their faith jive. But if you are offended by being shown the basic scientific principals behind a sunset, you must be offended by damn near everything. And that seems exhausting. 

In short:

People getting butthurt over science, fucking love it.

"Stop teaching science, it offends me" 




Anybody else remember this episode? In it, a female villain called Femme Fatale is stealing millions of dollars in Susan B. Anthony coins. Naturally, the Powerpuff Girls go to stop her. She then convinces them that men are all horrible because female superheroes aren’t as well known as male superheroes, even asking Blossom to name some to where her only answer is Wonder Woman.

They start acting bitter, refusing to do chores when the Professor asks and even telling the Mayor to save the town himself. Ms. Bellum and Ms. Keane talk to the girls and basically explain that being mean to guys won’t do anything and that isn’t the kind of message feminists should put out.

They proceed to beat up Femme Fatale while giving her a history lesson about Susan B. Anthony, the story where she voted and was found guilty because women couldn’t vote back then, but when the judge wanted to let her off easily because she was a woman, she forced them to take her to jail. The girls handle her and the lesson is that misandry will not stop misogny and we all should just respect each other.

And it fell on Tumblr’s deaf ears.

To the point where many among the sort of person depicted in this episode point out that Lauren Faust later regretted writing the episode. What they conveniently leave out is the fact that it was because of all the death threats she received from that sort of person.

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